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Application Form for Project Support

Any application for project support from the Foundation should be submitted electronically, using the official application form. hghjg The Laerdal Foundation.doc

The completed application form should provide all the background information (not to exceed 10MB) necessary to assess the project. Useful additional information, such as references, study protocols, C.V.'s, publications etc. may be enclosed. However, such enclosures should only supplement and in no way replace the description of the project in the application form. Applications will be assessed biannually by the board. Application deadlines are April 1 and October 1. The board's decision will normally be made known to an applicant within eight weeks of the final date for receipt of applications.

Relevant projects

Projects to be considered for support from the Foundation should be clearly related to acute medicine.
Suitable projects should comprise one or several of such elements as experimental or clinical research, diagnosis, treatment and transport of patients with acute life threatening disease or trauma, and development or accomplishment of education.

Preferred projects would be connected with out-of-hospital acute medicine or would have special practical significance. Travel in connection with study periods or congress attendance, or measures to implement acute medical measures without special research or training-related relevance, normally do not qualify for support from the Foundation.